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What's the point of reciting Shema, if one disagrees with the content?

If we put our Jewishness before our relationship with G-d, we are not nurturing a Jewish tradition but idolizing our own authority to pick and choose whatever we prefer (which is exactly what all the nations are doing). He is our loving Father, and knows what is good for us better than we know. I thought the religion is continued through the mother. Caring more for one's parents' happiness instead of one's own is going backwards and very selfish on their part. As a Jewish couple, my husband and I have been married 66 years, so obviously we are elderly.

Our homes are where we show our children what it is important to care about. Lighting Shabbat candles, decorating a sukkah or eating matzah on Passover, putting up mezuzahs on every doorway, laying some Jewish books proudly out on the coffee table, saying Shema Yisrael with our children, hanging out an Israeli flag on Israel’s Independence Day.

We would be foolish to think that we know better than the Creator of the world. And as long as the author talks "attractive", in my and everyone's opinion, my husband looked like a movie star, plus he had a good job, college trained, nice family, hard worker, etc.

Of our four children, we have three Jewish in-laws and one Chinese, a lovely young woman. Many non Jews would make lovely spouses for Jews who don't care about Judaism.

I don't understand how can one justify his/her people as being the light unto the nations without being religious, for unless that identity comes from G-d, anyone makes that sort of claim is absolutely the proudest of the proud.

How can someone boast about keeping the fifth commandment and breaking the forth at the same time?

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The question is, are you going to be part of this exciting venture in history, part of the Jewish People, or are you going the way of those who stayed in Egypt, became Hellenists, Karaites, Sadducees, Reform and then Christian (like Mendelssohn's descendents). I'm a so called "gentile" and I would never break up with Jewish girl to preserve some misguided sense of "heritage". Are you a fan of arranged marriages too because this is only a small step above that. Now that those Jews who give up their "misguided sense of heritage " to intermarry are destroying themselves, only those Jews who cling to traditional Jewish practice including in-marriage are growing in number.

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