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During the course of the game, contestants would be eliminated until there was only one potential dater left.Then, the tables would turn, and the person who was originally doing the choosing would have to reveal their baggage, and the person they chose would then get to decide if they wanted to keep or dump the chooser.

That may not sound like a huge sum of money, but it’s not like we were exactly working very hard for it!

I wrote that I lived at my sister’s house, which is another huge red flag for potential daters.

Girls are instantly suspicious of any guy who does not have his own place.

The contestants came up with some pretty bizarre baggage -- things like body odor, excessive sweating, and living with their moms -- so Jerry surely felt right at home among all the oddballs and misfits.

Each potential contestant for BAGGAGE was given a lengthy questionnaire that asked you what were the three worst things about you.

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