Is elijah wood dating liv tyler

It gets even more alarming when baby-faced famous folks start having their own kids. The problem is, I think that if I got too close to this gorgeous creature she might drain my soul from my body and use its power to remain ever youthful.

I mean, Michelle Williams' daughter looks older than she does. If Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Grey was correct, the most handsome and slow to age people around us – or on our screens – probably have a portrait of themselves that takes on all their ugliness and sin and they keep it locked up some place where no one can see it. Because you know there is only one logical explanation for this changeless decade and that is that he is secretly the vampire Lestat. I mean, that's really the only logical explanation, right? And I quote the wise and inestimable Kat George: "BEYONCE HAS LOOKED 30 SINCE SHE WAS 15". None of us doubted her when she said she woke up like this, because the idea of seeing Beyoncé having changed a wit, let alone aging like the rest of us mere mortals is just plain unthinkable.

The only difference between the photos was that ten years ago a new Bill and Ted Movie was not in the works and that we doubted Keanu Reeves was definitely a time traveler. I am almost 100% sure that Demi Moore has Benjamin Button's disease. She was a babe ten years ago, a babe the ten years before that, and will continue to be a babe while my grandkids are visiting me in the home to bored to tears as I tell them tales of the Family Kardashian.

It's weird to think of a child star we've watched become an adult star as being someone who doesn't age, but consider the case of Elijah Wood.

She jokingly called fidgety Elijah "a little monkey."In 1988, when Wood was barely seven years old, his mother took him to audition in a modeling agency.

Half a year later, Elijah already attended the model and talent agency in Los Angeles.

The handsome boy was noticed and offered to shoot in advertising. The actor says that initiation into the adult world was painful for him.

His fragile psyche had to face the cruelty of show business.

In Hollywood, aging is not only an inevitability of life, it is also a frequent topic of conversation and speculation.Dude hit adulthood, and then sort of just...stopped. Some things may have changed, like his penchant for wearing his hair with a side-part now, but other than that I'd be hard pressed to tell you which photo came first.Whenever I turn on TV and see Liv Tyler's face it takes me roughly twenty to thirty minutes of examining context clues to see if I am watching The Leftovers or Empire Records.Or, conversely, they are a mixture of being genetically blessed and able to access a radically effective skincare regime made from the crushed bones of young, pliant virgins. BOW BEFORE MY MASTERFUL USE OF HYPERBOLE, AND ALSO BEFORE THESE 11 CELEBS WHO REFUSE TO AGE: Above, you'll see Rob Lowe photographed this year. I'm not the first nor will I be the last to point out that Keanu Reeves, like the sun itself, does not show his age. Maybe he is casting some sort of spell with his magical blue eyes, but ten years did nothing for Paul Rudd other than serve him well.Look at him, all delicious cheekbones and sparkling eyes and Chris Traeger-ish hair. Above, we've got a recent pic of Keanu, below, a pic of Keanu ten years ago. His boy-next-door grin, his glowing complexion (is it weird to get hot and bothered about a dude's nice skin? Don't care), none of it would give you a clue that ten years passed between the snapping of these two pics. She is one of those horrible types who just looks better as the years go by and this sincerely doesn't seem fair to the rest of us mortals.

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