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The responsibilities faced by Inuit women were considered equally as important as those faced by the men.

Because of this, the women were given due respect, but are not given an equal share of influence or power.

In Inuit culture, marriage was not a choice, but a necessity. Married couples had to work together to overcome nearly impossible living conditions.

Because every individual had to rely on a partner to survive, marriages were often arranged at birth to ensure the survival of the family.

Love marriages, or choice marriages, existed, but these were all but arranged because there were usually few eligible partners.

If the other family accepted, the adoption was complete.

Inuit parents showed a very high level of warmth and affection to their children.

Inuit children usually began to contribute to the family and community by the age of 12 through activities like picking berries and hunting small game.

In addition, name-soul allows for prior family members to carry on their legacy in their family lineage even after passing.

The children are raised in a family-oriented environment, as their name serves as a reminder that the group comes first.

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Women were traditionally responsible for the butchering, skinning, and cooking of animals taken by the hunters.

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