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It came out late in his first season with the team, after the Seahawks pulled off a stunning road upset of Don Shula, Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins in the divisional round of the playoffs in 1983.

Less than a year earlier, Knox had taken over a team that hadn't won more than six games in any of the previous three seasons and had yet to reach the playoffs since its inception in 1976.

"I remember he gave me and about four other guys a bunch of hundred dollar bills and he goes, 'Go grab as many beers as you can grab,' so we grabbed just of beer and brought them back onto the buses and passed them all out."He liked to have a good time and reward his players. Knox pulled him aside the night before a game and told him that if he didn't start playing better, he'd be standing on the sideline next to Knox."He told you exactly how it was," Wyman said. Some of the Knoxisms, as they became known, were metaphorical."I was never late when I was with Chuck, ever," Wyman said, "and actually my whole NFL career, because of him."Something else Knox was big on was, of all things, tipping. He was like, 'Hey now, you guys are Seahawks' -- when we would make the team -- 'People are going to recognize you around town, so you better leave good tips or else people are going to be watching you on TV and go, yeah, I know that guy, he's a cheap p---k.'"'He meant that much to me'It's a rare quality, Wyman says, for a coach to be so stern and demanding but to do it in a way that doesn't cause resentment.

That also stuck with Wyman."Still to this day, I'm super paranoid about tipping people that I make sure it's over 20 percent. Players wanted to play hard for Knox, they wanted to win for him, and they wanted to impress him.

These coaches also target gifted athletes because they believe their approach will “toughen up” their athletes.

"I've had guys say that, a million guys, say no matter where they were on the field, it always seemed like he was staring at you."Moyer recalled how Knox didn't like to call out players by name in front of the team, but he would when he was announcing fines for team violations.

He and his wife, Shirley, had driven over from their home in Palm Springs.

Knox was in a wheelchair, hardly communicative, and his memory was diminished by dementia.

Have your sports kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them? We’ve got some tips—and warnings—for you about what we call “bully coaches.” Bully coaches target all kinds of young athletes.

They can set their sights on kids who are overweight, small or who lack confidence, for instance.

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But his approval wasn't easily earned, and it was sometimes subtly expressed, like when Moyer made a late interception of Warren Moon to help the Seahawks beat the Houston Oilers in 1988."I watched the film afterward and I was looking at our sideline because our sideline was going nuts," he said.

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