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I'm 21 years old and currently I'm a junior petroleum engineer and I dream of travelling and living abroad in the US, Canada or England. I am a woman that willing to sacrifice my love for my future husband. I go through life with a smile and enjoy even the simple things in my life. Looking for well educated, cultured, sweet talk, polite, romantic friend wi..

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Beberapa hari yang lalu,bikin thread di H2H Kaskus tentang pengalaman gwa murtad dari Islam pake akun lama gwa.

Eh threadnya langsung dihapus beberapa menit kemudian,dan akun itu banned.

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Ted Strickland in 2008, is nearing the end of its contract with the state which expires at the end of June.“Every investment in early education is an investment in a child’s future.

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  1. This woman is a softie, she loves kitties and babies and sweet warm sentiments. She will endure it if she loves you, but it will crush something precious in her heart. Instead of peering into his navel, he moves forward with power.