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Gretsch drums - the kicks and toms at least - were top of the pile for a long time when it came to recording.

Gretsch snares, however, never quite garnered the love of other classic Americans.

Over time, the dye used in the process had a tendency to fade. size indicates that this drum may in fact be unique.

When authenticating this drum, sources employed at Rogers during this era indicated that no wood dynas in this finish were built for stock.

This Cleveland era drum bears serial # 3132 and was made at the time when Rogers migrated from the crack-prone B&B lugs to the sturdy, attractive ? According to the late Ellis Tollin, this drum was built for an endorser, most likely Buddy Rich or Louis Bellson, both of whom ordered their wood dynas without internal mufflers.

I have only handled a few, and have never handled another one in this finish.

They also have the famous round badge, the distinguishing label of Gretsch drums from the '30s to the end of the '60s.

Gretsch undoubtedly holds a special reverence in drum-lore.

It's also signed by the current Fred Gretsch, descendant of the company's founder.

Both drums have six-ply, straight sided (no reinforcement rings), 7 1/2mm thick North American maple shells.

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