Girlfriend got fat after dating

Sometime during the 6th and 7th year she talked about marriage and having a family but I told her until you stop drinking, and arguing with me about stupid stuff and start being a better girlfriend, then we’ll talk.I told her what I needed from her but she didn’t listen and failed to entice me to ask for her hand in marriage.(This is a very important point.Always tell her U love her & know her likes & dislikes & alway apologize when U do her wrong.Actually if your girlfriend is Fat she most likely already knows it and doesnt need you to tell her she is fat..It’s important not to forget this feeling and ask yourself if you really do want this girl back in your life.You can probably do a lot better.)Finally she gave me an ultimatum last year and if I didn’t propose to her by the beginning of the year she would leave.Basically the fight was that she wanted to go back out to party after just coming back from a club and I told her that I was tired and she did not like that calling me all sorts of names which alarmed me.(Her behavior where she called you all sorts of names was definitely something to be concerned about. But words without action are meaningless, so a punishment reward system must be implemented.More on that later…)During the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th years our relationship was up and down.

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She became distant around May she broke it off with me.

Chris, I begged and pleaded for her to take me back, which we both were crying, but she said she didn’t love me anymore and for me to move on.

However, love can be selfish and many women are ruled by their feelings and emotions— these emotions don’t care if you’re under stress, women are going to let you know when they’re unhappy.

A reward/punish strategy needs to be implemented again in this circumstance.)At one point I got to thinking and noticed a common theme in these altercations and that is when she drank alcohol, we argued.

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