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Subaru must now fight the fate that dooms him to keep all those forgotten memories hidden within, to be perpetually beaten, to see his own heart wearing down, to wager his life... To get back the precious times that he's sure must have happened."Even if you forget me, I will never forget you."[Source: Crunchyroll]Yukihira Soma has been helping out at his family diner his entire life.It becomes the potential to guide all people to a world where everyone can always be smiling, dependent on Subaru's life and loneliness.By using his power, the past can be lost, and memories can be rewritten.

This program uses a mysterious drug to make him look younger, and sends him back to high school for a year...[Source: Crunchyroll]Having taken the kingdom of Leones back from Holy Knights, the Seven Deadly Sins, along with Elizabeth and Hawk, can finally enjoy the peaceful lives they earned.What is Naho to make of the letter's contents and its cryptic warning?[Source: Seven Seas Entertainment]Sorey is a human youth who grew up among the “seraphim” (tenzoku), spiritual beings not visible to humans.When sixteen-year-old Takamiya Naho receives a mysterious letter, claiming to be from her twenty-seven-year-old self, her life is suddenly thrown into flux.The letter informs her that a new transfer student by the name of Naruse Kakeru will be joining her class, and to keep her eye on him.

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