When other people step up to deliver that kind of experience, they can't. In Wo W you can have your rare items, but there is always going to be someone with the same or superior gear. The very fact that this piece of territory belongs to you and your corporation means that you've not only made an impact upon your own wealth and resource pool, but you've made an impact on the world.Every person that plays or will play EVE will now exist in a world in which this patch of territory belongs to you.

What I see in EVE is what so many other MMOs try but repeatedly fail to create. I look at this game, this world, that CCP has created and all I can see are the places I could go and the shit I could get up to.

There really isn't that much difference between EVE and, let's say, a World of Warcraft.

The only significant difference is that players govern everything.

You can get everything you need to start building yourself up as a soldier, a miner, an industrialist, or anything else.

It's all unscripted, how you make you want to make your riches is up to you.

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