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Jackson, Lonette Mc Kee, John Turturro, Frank Vincent, Halle Berry, and Anthony Quinn, and is Lee's fifth feature-length film.

Jungle Fever explores the beginning and end of an extramarital interracial relationship against the urban backdrop of the streets of New York City in the 1990s.

Later, Angie comes home to a severe and brutal beating with a belt from her father after word gets out that she is dating a black man.

Flipper tries to reconcile with Drew, but she rebuffs him angrily.

Cyrus criticizes Flipper for having an affair with a white woman, referring to the cause as "jungle fever" - an attraction borne of sexualized racial myths rather than love.At work, Flipper discovers that an Italian-American woman named Angie Tucci (Annabella Sciorra) has been hired as a temp and his secretary.Angie lives in Bensonhurst with her abusive and racist father, Mike (Frank Vincent), and her two brothers, Charlie (David Dundara) and Jimmy (Michael Imperioli).The film received positive reviews, with particular praise for Samuel L. Flipper Purify (Wesley Snipes), a successful and happily married architect from Harlem, is married to Drew (Lonette Mc Kee), who works as a buyer at Bloomingdales.Together, they have a young daughter, Ming (Veronica Timbers).

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