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This blog article presents workarounds for the issues. Main(String[] args) More than one FEP 2010 definition update is being detected as active by the tool.I just left out the Power Users group as it’s not used in our environment.It is imperative that you test this on one or two systems before rolling it out, and make sure it works well in your environment. Finally the Forefront team came up with a solution that since the release of the product they really missed . The following list is a summary of the updates in FEP Update Rollup 1 for server functionality.

I will assume that you know how to create an advertisement for your environment, however what I would like to point out is a potential collection you can target.

That means you’ll have: – A single console to manage health and protection of user systems – One server infrastructure to maintain – A single mechanism to deploy software and updates to clients – Central policy implementation for security and management – A single solution that desktop administrators need to be trained on, regardless of role As an added plus, FEP will even detect and remove the most common client antimalware agents currently residing on your current systems to streamline deployment.

on using your distribution points for Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) 2010 definition files, we had to leverage a vbscript in order to automate the download of the definition files from Microsoft via a scheduled task and then create a package that updated automatically on schedule and have a recurring advertisement.

Argument Exception: An item with the same key has already been added. This will be solved in CM12 , until then , for the CM07 they will fix that mistake by update rollup 1.

The solution works, however has a couple of major drawbacks.

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