Fake dating ads

If they are using fake pictures, they will not be able to honor this simple request.If they are real, they should have no problem doing it.Below are several ways to spot fake profiles online, whether it’s dating sites, personal ads, or Facebook. Taking a look at the person’s online friends will give you a few tidbits of information about them.A fake profile often has its friends list padded by many other fake profiles, and sometimes fake profiles only have a very small number of online friends.

Is there much interaction with other people on the profile?Reverse Image Search If the profile is fake, a reverse search of the profile’s images will often reveal their true source.Read our full article on reverse image searches here.I knew one person who had almost 20 fake profiles, all of them “friends” with each other.Bottom Line Don’t feel bad for covering your bases and verifying that a stranger online is real, because real people should have nothing to hide.

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