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(1) Various laws were enacted based on this belief. Frank Hanly approved first state eugenics law making sterilization mandatory for certain individuals in state custody.(3) Sterilizations halted 1909 by Governor Thomas R. (4) Side two: Indiana Supreme Court ruled 1907 law unconstitutional 1921, citing denial of due process under Fourteenth Amendment.

These operations took place before and after the 1907 law that legalized the procedure. From the passage of the 1931 law until May 1934, 141 persons were sterilized under the 1931 law. Potter Harshman, "Medical and Legal Aspects of Sterilization in Indiana, " reprinted from the held at New York City, May 26-May 29, 1934 (B050858).

While these numbers continue to plummet, immigrants are being flown in, driven in, and boated in so as to meet their 2030 projected agenda for immigrants to create new growth in populations.

This 6-part series breaks down an extensive timeline of eugenics, dating back to the 1800s, documents who is involved til this day, scientific projects transpiring, and other factors that play a big role in modern day eugenics.

Horton states Mc Culloch saw what he wanted to see. Alexander Johnson, named the first secretary of the Board of State Charities in 1889, was influenced by Mc Culloch's work. (6) Governor Edward Jackson approved the 1927 law, which granted the due process of law required by the Fourteenth Amendment, naming the courts as venues for appeal regarding sterilization decisions by the governing board of an institution. (7) It is difficult to state the exact number of people sterilized by Indiana law because different institutions around the state used varying methods of recordkeeping.

Mc Culloch even assisted in naming Johnson as secretary. Two academic studies place the total number of people sterilized around 2, 500. Lombardo of George State University provided the Indiana Historical Bureau with information concerning eugenic studies made by Julius Paul.

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ID# : 49.2007.1 Side one: By late 1800s, Indiana authorities believed criminality, mental problems, and pauperism were hereditary. Approximately 2,500 total in state custody were sterilized. Bowen approved repeal of all sterilization laws 1974; by 1977, related restrictive marriage laws repealed.

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