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Note: After making a copy, it is a good idea to move the copied folder to an easy-to-find location that is separate from any folder you plan to make changes to (like the Music folder).

This copied folder should be deleted immediately after it is no longer needed because it takes up extra space on your computer's hard drive unnecessarily and could cause confusion with your most current i Tunes folder.

But I don't see how that would fix anything since I'm working off the copy event/library on the external drive. I sounds like the copy is using symlinks to something in some other location.Perhaps you can figure out what's going on based on which clips have the problem.Generally it's a good idea when working with external media to keep it in a single location rather than scattered in multiple locations, which can always causes problems.Once that's done, I consolidate the event files to a separate folder on the ext drive.When I go to open the library on the laptop fromt the ext drive, it's missing about 18 files that are still being referenced on the macpro.

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