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He also arranged for a Doctor Who sketch to air on Jim'll Fix It.

Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith, returns to our screens this Saturday.

Mr Marson makes the allegations in a new book about Nathan-Turner that contains "things it will be difficult for Doctor Who fans to read".In an interview last year, Doctor Who "superfan" Ian Levine, said the book's contents would "shock many people, things went on that were horrible, corrupt, too awful to discuss".The BBC last night confirmed Dame Janet will investigate the claims as part of her wide-ranging review into the Corporation.Even when sex is consensual and initiated by patients, doctors take advantage of the power entrusted in them by patients and society.This is especially the case where a patient is vulnerable, such as those where a patient is undergoing therapy.

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But Mr Marson said: "What you had was a promiscuous gay bloke who had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and liked getting off with young guys. I have a less benevolent view of Gary." Mr Marson also describes an encounter with Downie, a production manager on the show, in a BBC lift which ended with him fleeing and hiding under a desk.

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