Did ed westwick dating leighton meester

Dear Ted: How do you know King Schlong had sex with another man?

Personal life of this great actor is as much colorful as his filmography.

Obviously, she broke poor Ed’s heart and their deal was closed for good, even though Jessica tried to win Ed back, she couldn’t.

Jess even flew to London where Ed was on filming, but he did not want her back, as he was still deeply hurt.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr met on Gossip Girl filming set.

Ed westwick and his girlfriend was spotted by paparazzi’s doing everything together, they looked great as a couple.

Ed Westwick’s relationship status appears to be the most intriguing fact in his biography.

The most discussed relationship Ed had was with Jessica Szohr.

Dear Lobbying for Lowe: Rob def got his hands dirty back in the day...ahem, you know, the whole sex-tape-with-an-underage-girl thing. Lowe has rebounded with a surprisingly strong career.

You've got to give credit to a guy who can mock his own scandals on —even if he didn't give us all the dirt in his recent autobiography. Is he seeing someone else, or is he still thinking of Ms.

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