Dhcp not updating reverse ptr record

This can have adverse affects with regards to the proper running of your network.Second, if your server goes down I would assume that your users inability to get to the internet would be the least of your worries, especially since this is a Domain Controller.I deleted all DHCP leases and tried restartig the DHCP services on the client side but still not updating. Have you check secure dynamic update in all the zone. X network] Also have you tried clearing the dns cache, clearing the controller cache (ipconfig /flushdns), reregistering the controller (ipconfig /registerdns), reconciling stale records and reloading the server datafiles???Did you create the subnet under reverse lookup zone the client & server belongs too, if no, the ptr record will not be created as subnet is missing for the client to register its ptr records. -saige- As you can see, I do have the subnet set up correctly for 192.168.0. I have also flushed DNS several times on server and workstations.In the Microsoft DNS manager Reverse Lookup Zones, we found a "Dynamic Updates" configured to "Secure Only", causing the non-Microsoft DHCP server fail to update the (ptr) record.

We would like the DHCP server to update (A) and (ptr) records to the Microsoft DNS server every time it assigns an IP address to the client.I think I had trouble with DNS in the past when installing with AD, should perhaps it be installed BEFORE installing AD?I have DHCP set to "Enable DNS dynamic updates" but still no updating of PTR records is happening. In reverse lookup zone,subnet zone is not created automatically, it has to be created manually.So what need to be done for each Azure VMs to register their PTR record dynamically?Quite simple, the DNS Dynamic Registration setting under manual configuration of NIC properties in Azure are not persistent, so it must be automated.

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