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In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the presence of sapwood rings is rare, but in the seventeenth century, a lot of sapwood rings may be present.

On the other hand, the records regarding the number of sapwood rings to be added are derived from statistical evaluation and must be considered in each particular case.

These occurrences make the determination of growth rings and dendrochronological work with diffuse-porous species more difficult than with ring-porous species such as oak.

The biological regularity of the ring series in trees from temperate zones permits dating of wood by comparing the ring sequences of undated wood with those of wood of known age and position in time.

The bark and the light, perishable sapwood were mostly cut away, thereby eliminating evidence of the latest growth rings and making a determination of the exact felling year impossible.

Digital cameras may also be used to take photographs and to measure the rings from the photographs. Dendrochronolgical analyses on art objects Dendrochronology is a discipline of biological sciences which determines the age of wooden objects.This method is used primarily for dating archaeological and architectural objects, but may also aid in investigating art-historical problems The main goal is to offer at least a terminus post-quem for the creation of a painting by determining the felling date of the tree which provided the wood for the panel.In order to establish comprehensive continuous growth ring curves for periods longer than a tree’s lifetime it is necessary to use an overlapping system of individual curves for the establishment of master chronologies; in Europe trees normally live only 200 to 300 years.Standard curves exist for South and West Germany, for several regions of North Germany and, in part, for several areas in the Netherlands and France, and also for the Baltic area from which the wood for most Flemish and Dutch paintings was obtained.

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