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Naturally, we have also found artefacts related to everyday life in the village, including various coins of the 18th century.

Also, we have discovered here a fragment of a sculpture of the 20th century — a cosmonaut's head among construction and park's facilities debris that have been brought here.

There has been a work underway for a long time there.

It was started by the renowned architect, the keeper of Moscow heritage, Pyotr Baranovsky, who was the Museum's Director. For a long time, the work on this area, including the Dyakovo settlement, has been conducted by the Institute of Archaeology at the Academy of Sciences.

Almost all of the finds we're talking about are small.

How did you manage to find so many archaeological details in a short period of time?

It wasn't until 1960 that the former village entered the city limits.

Soon after, large-scale housing construction launched in the area, with the last remaining rural houses demolished.

What artefacts you have found are the most interesting from the archaeological perspective?

A detail of a large stone structure, a church or some chambers perhaps, is a real archaeological evidence that there were large estates of princes Pozharsky, Golitsyn and a number of other noble families here.

It was found in a pit together with fragments of relief polychrome tiles.

Since it is a re-deposited layer, that is mixed in with modern accretions, construction debris and so on, we had to inspect all dumps, piles of earth formed during the renovation.

Volunteers helped us a lot, local residents who were very much interested in everything going on here, so they came to participate in the research. This is a great example of active participation of citizens in the preservation of unique historical and cultural heritage of Moscow. All the artefacts that we have found in Yuzhnoye Medvedkov will be displayed at the exhibition in the Museum of Moscow.

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These works gave us an opportunity to get invaluable information related to this area of Moscow.

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