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The picture above has been taken from Kelly's facebook account and you can clearly see that she is happy with her professional life and the manner in which she is taking her steps forth with her professional life might be why she doesn't want to think of her personal aspect of life that much.

Her well-wishers might want to see her take her personal life to the next level but the end decision, however, lies in Kelly's own hands. Well, no such evidence has come forth in this regard so let's wait and see if any more information and evidence about her romantic life could be found in the days to come.

View More Videos Ten Marriage Decisions to Make Today by Jimmy Evans Did you know 86 percent of divorces are the result of what researchers call “non-severe circumstances”?

Kelly Evans married her longtime boyfriend and CNBC’s sports reporter Eric Chemi in April 2017.

There are a lot of fans waiting to know about her relationship status and someone special.Moreover, if you check her facebook out, you shall be able to see herself occupied in her professional obligations and is thoroughly enjoying what she does best and thus, she is less likely to be thinking that much about her personal life.People also enjoy what contributions she had made thus far.She told us her campaign should provide a blueprint for change and victory for the Democratic Party in 2020."People tell me on the street the reason, the first time I ever voted in my life, was vote for you because I felt like someone was finally fighting for me," she said.The freshman congresswoman tells us new voters want to be motivated - the voting electorate in her election expanded by 68 percent in 2018.

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Evans stands tall with a Height of 5 feet 9 inches (178 cm) and weighs 58 Kg.

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  1. Morgan said: Amy also wrote the song “Call Me When You’re Sober” after her relationship with Shaun ended. Other people will paint something or draw something or dance it out or whatever.””We did a lot of crazy things.

  2. The stakes have never been this high, emotions have never been this raw, and the competition has never been this fierce, as these ex-lovers put their hearts on the line and battle for their share of the winnings.

  3. Unfortunately, the conversation fizzled before they could meet. “It was like a moment stood still as our eyes met, and we both knew this was a special person.” Just like that, John came back into her life.