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To do this, you should buy a VGo robot which looks very much like R2-D2 from Star Wars, only with a screen on top.

But no one will look at the robot itself because from the screen, you will smile radiantly in person.

Moreover, a bracelet can transmit different pressing forces!

Of course, contact between people when using such a device is symbolic, but recently, a study of American scientists has appeared on the subject of the fact that such eggs will best help to convey a sense of caring and longing for a loved one.

We do not exactly know why the creator chose this object to symbolize the connection between the loved ones, but there is definitely something pure and cute about such an idea.

Designed to resemble a real-life speed boat, this innovative vessel has plenty of room for your summer party. The Portable Privacy Toilet is what you need on long adventures into the wilderness when you want to keep a bit of comfort when doing your business. Unless you need to transport large objects, bikes are the best way to travel around modern city centers.

You can go everywhere, don't get stuck in traffic and there is no problem with ...

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Love at a distance or how technologies are closely tied with dating today: in this article, you will read about devices designed for hugs, kisses, and much more widely used by people who cannot be physically beside each other.

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