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COPA AMERICA returns as Brazil get ready to host the 46th edition of the tournament.

Lionel Messi will be looking to win the competition at the fifth time of asking - but an Alexis Sanchez-inspired Chile will be eyeing a hat-trick of titles.

Dredging the sediment in the lake, they found puma-shaped incense burners, with fragments of charcoal present on the excavated deposits, and a number of gold, shell, and stone ornaments.

The puma is thought to have been an important religious symbol to the Tiwanaku, and a rayed-face motif depicted on two gold medallions suggests the offerings were supposed to explicitly address the main mythical figure in their religious iconography, sometimes called Viracocha.

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Amidst the dredging, the researchers also found evidence of fish, amphibian, and bird bones, which the team says were likely deposited naturally within this submerged ecosystem. The bones of four young llamas were also discovered: animals who were thought to be killed at or near the site, then interred in the sea as sacrificial offerings in the ancient ritual.

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Now, scientists have just announced the discovery of a big new piece of the puzzle.

In the first systematic archaeological dive and excavation conducted in the waters of the Khoa Reef, close to the Island of the Sun in Bolivia's Lake Titicaca, researchers found submerged evidence of ritual offerings made to supernatural deities – meaning religion existed in this part of the world a lot earlier than we thought."People often associate the Island of the Sun with the Incas because it was an important pilgrimage location for them and because they left behind numerous ceremonial buildings and offerings on and around this island," says anthropologist Jose Capriles from Pennsylvania State University."Our research shows that the Tiwanaku people, who developed in Lake Titicaca between 500 and 1,100 CE, were the first people to offer items of value to religious deities in the area."Capriles and his team used sonar and underwater 3D photogrammetry to scan and map the reef during a 19-day research visit to Lake Titicaca during 2013.

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