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This game is completely drawn in Flash with a mouse and my arthritic finger; I was hoping for sponsorship though I don't think this game is up to par and I didn't want my few fans to wait any longer.

Welcome to Jinx Academy where every boy is hot hot hot and hints they would date you with pleasure!

stay tuned for my dating sim moonlight sim II in july thanx!

Hana, the protagonist of Asagao Academy, transfers to the school after a series of negative experiences.

The answer for the final project is "love" (what is the final project for, anyways? Do not capitalize any of the letters, otherwise it will not work.

If you want to free Fantom from his curse (do this when you see the dairy page) go downtown, then go to the shop/mall, then go to Hip Femme, click bother Jenna and repeatably talk to her to make her your friend.

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