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A young man would call on a young woman by going to the parlor in her parents’ home.Her parents carefully oversaw these meetings, and expectations for everything from dress and food to length of time of the call was regulated and spelled out.The 1970s cemented the concept of dating and casual sex as normative by removing any physical consequences through the legalization of abortion in 1973 and making no-fault divorce legal in 1974.Add to that the birth control pill and other contraceptive measures, and most of the cultural and practical reasons to restrict sexual activity outside of marriage were obliterated.Because you were born in this day and age, dating seems not only normal but also the only way in which to meet someone you could potentially marry.We must be careful, however, not to take our current experiences and make them the norm.

Things really changed in the 1960s with the onset of the sexual revolution.And though we have many families at Mars Hill, over half of our church is single and in their twenties. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to speak to those of you who are single in both our church and in the church at large.Most likely, you view your experiences regarding dating as normative.This resulted in the greatest change in the social dynamics of singleness in the Western world, with orgies, casual sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality becoming increasingly socially acceptable.Additionally, that decade saw the first widely available pornography magazine, , resulting in a shift in the way our society viewed the body and sex.

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