Dating not that into you

Wanting so badly to find love, they’ll do anything to make it happen. Two people who are putting in the same amount, and receiving even more… Two people, building, edifying, encouraging, and investing in one another.

If you find yourself stuck in this kind of negative pattern with someone, it’s time to take inventory of the kind of people you’re allowing into your life. I know you might think it’s a trivial matter, but if a guy chooses not to do a simple effort and disappoints you on small things, he will do the same for big things.The word “busy” is a lame excuse, it might sound like a good one, but in fact all you should know is that this man didn’t care enough to call you. As a relationship expert, I can guarantee you that there are.You just might not know what to look for, but I encourage you to keep reading and check to see if you’re in a one-way relationship.

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One-sided, non -reciprocated, hard-to-get relationships. Because true, life-long, healthy relationships are made up of two people who are just as into one another. You find yourself making excuses for him time and time again. You feel like you’re giving more than you’re getting. Her newest book, Choosing Marriage, is set to be released in the Summer of 2018!

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