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Easy peasy.😉In this article, you will learn the eight main rules when it comes to speed dating, read on.It is always best to have a good mood towards a speed dating event and believe that you will find the right one eventually.

This rule applies to all things, no exception for speed dating as well.

Just as we mentioned above, you can always be true to yourself and not lie. This event gives people a chance to meet people who they are most compatible with and not just anyone who throws an over at them.

So if someone does, you can say no, and if someone says no to you, you should also be able to understand and respect their decision.

It isn’t really hard and even better, it isn’t time-consuming as well.

Most of the impression you leave on someone is how you look, what you say and how you say it.

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Don’t ever think of the undesirable outcome of the speed dating.

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