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Roughly 1 in 10 Americans have used at least one online dating service, and most Americans have a generally positive view of online dating as a way to meet new people, according to a 2013 study from the Pew Research Center.After changing hands a few times in the late 1990s, Match is now the centerpiece of Internet firm IAC’s digital dating empire, which also includes sites like OKCupid, Tinder, Black People Meet, and When the site first took to the web in April 1995, letting users post profiles and search for potential mates, online dating was still a niche pursuit.Dial-in dating bulletin board systems existed at least as far back as the 1980s, and couples met through early online services like Compu Serve—conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh even met his third wife through that network—but for many early Match users, the site was their first foray into online flirtation.“To be honest, in the early days there was a sense of magic about it, for me at least, and I suspect for other people too, because it was so new and untested,” recalls Andrew Gerngross, who joined the site a few months after its launch.Twenty years ago, in the San Francisco neighborhood then called Multimedia Gulch, a state-of-the-art server from Sun Microsystems began to run a program that would one day lead to more than a million newborn babies.The machine belonged to a startup called Electric Classifieds, which had plans for a series of sites on the rapidly growing web that would mirror the sections of a newspaper’s classified listings.

In 2011, IAC acquired OKCupid for about million, and in 2012, the company appointed Yagan to head the entire Match division.“You poke fun as competitors, of course, and you get in, and you realize there’s a lot more happening under the surface than you probably realized as an outsider,” Yagan now says of the erstwhile rivalry.As of last year, the site has an updated i OS app with swipe-to-like and proximity-based features similar to Tinder—another Match Group property that’s arguably upstaged both Match and Ok Cupid in recent years.(Between launching in 20, Tinder signed up about 50 million users, according to a source in this This April, almost exactly two decades after users first logged on to Match with their dial-up modems and Netscape Navigator, the company released an Apple Watch app that lets users review and message their matches with the tap of a wrist.“This was the first personal thing I’d done on the Internet, and there was some excitement about that.”But that novelty also had many early web surfers apprehensive about posting their profiles online for strangers to see, says Electric Classifieds founder Gary Kremen.“People were super worried, especially women, about safety and security and anonymity,” he says.“The idea of putting out their wants and desires at the time was really alien to all genders.”Kremen and Maier realized early on that the site’s success would depend on appealing to women who, according to a Georgia Tech online survey cited in early company literature, made up as little as 10% of the web’s 1995 user base.“We thought that if we got the women, men would follow—women are the scarce resource on the Internet,” she says.

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