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The Hasmonean rulers of Judah built pools surrounded by gardens at their palaces.The Hasmonean palace in Jericho, an equally arid place, had no less than seven.Slaking the camels' thirst, for a charge Many cities of the ancient world straddled rivers, whose abundant water nourished and protected them.But Petra, situated on the northwest border of the Arabian Desert, rose to prominence because of the lack of water.The Roman historian Pliny reports that – beside the payments for fodder and lodging - gifts had to be given to the guards, the gatekeepers, the priests, and the king’s servants (Natural History, Book XII).But the exorbitant prices that spices and perfumes could fetch in the prosperous cities of Europe kept the caravans coming, filling up the treasuries of Petra.It was one of the most famous water stops in the Middle East, where camel caravan routes linked distant cities.Now archaeologists are discovering the Nabataean capital, situated in the southwestern deserts of Jordan, once was adorned with an exquisite, artificially irrigated garden.

Practically every drop of rain that fell around Petra was collected and conserved, and springs were channeled to pipes that emptied into literally hundreds of cisterns carved underground, ensuring a reliable supply of drinking and bathing water in the heart of the desert, regardless of the season.

"The pool marks the terminus for an aqueduct that transported water from one of the springs, 'Ein Brak, located in the hills outside of Petra," Leigh-Ann Bedal, associate professor of anthropology from the Penn State Behrend College, told Haaretz.

"The pool’s monumental architecture and verdant garden served as a visual celebration of the Nabataeans’ success at providing water to the city center." Ongoing excavations in Petra have uncovered a shaft that appears to have led water more than 10 meters downward, from the aqueduct system to the pool level.

Recent excavations at Petra have revealed a startlingly advanced irrigation system and water storage system that enabled the desert city's people to survive – and to maintain a magnificent garden featuring fountains, ponds and a huge swimming pool.

The engineering feats and other luxuries attest to the ancient Nabatean capital's former splendor and wealth some 2,000 years ago.

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The Paradise of Petra The gardens were practically a miracle.

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