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Where the signer's signature line includes a blank date, I ask they they correctly date their signature as before.

If the signature date has already been printed (either before or after the signing), I do nothing. I am a CA notary and I have always understood that we cannot notarize post dated docs, it is even spelled out in my NSA training materials.

That said, I don't actually see that restriction in my state handbook.

I just dealt with this exact situation last week and we moved the signing to the next day to match the doc dates.

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The only date we should be concerned with is the actual signing date in the notarial certificate.In these circumstances, the documents may be post-dated because they will be sent to the absent party to sign at a later date.When this happens, it’s also permitted to notarize the post-dated documents.This is because the lender chooses to fund all of its HARP loans in the month at one time.This is known as “bulk-funding.” If you took a loan-signing assignment in the middle of November, for example, the documents might be dated November 30.

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