Dating a girl with emotional baggage

Here are ways to make your relationship work with a partner who has a lot of baggage: While it may seem easy to just brush off issues that arise in your relationship as a result of emotional baggage, it's important to have those tough conversations, Chlipala says.Have consistent, open communication with your partner as much as possible — heck, even if that means getting meta and having a conversation about to be communicative with one another.There's a reason why people say that "honesty is the best policy." It's not always the easiest thing to do, but being honest will most likely save significant amounts of time, energy, and confusion in the long run.

Some people may act in a certain way because of things that happened in their previous romantic relationships.The whole point of dealing with baggage is to help both of you move forward, together.This goes hand-in-hand with being patient and understanding."If your parent left you when you were a kid, you may be sensitive to feeling abandoned by your partner," Chlipala says."If your sibling got more attention than you, having attention or validation from your partner may be important." Whatever it may be, just because one or both of you carry a lot of luggage doesn't mean your love is doomed forever.

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If you don't, you may accidentally push each other's buttons without even meaning to, Chlipala says.

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