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It might help you to get some proper RL help - not practical help but help dealing with and understanding your emotions.There must be support available for people in your situation.Really sorry you had this shock - it must have been terrible, for you both.I think you both need to talk and hopefully get some help with your problems. He was amazing and even took trips to New York in his wheelchair because he refused to be beaten. You probably need to have a real discussion about how you are feeling..will be tough but he will sense you are feeling that way anyway.Whether you love him or not is hardly the point, it must be hard to know.You need to find a way to work through your feelings properly so you can work out how to go forward without all this guilt and confusion.Can you separate yourself from any caring role you have had to take on?Can you talk openly about sex - you can find ways to have a sexual relationship with someone which is not reliant on the old fashioned ways , and there are professionals who specialise in supporting / advising yo.

It's not just your husband whose life has been shattered, yours has as well.But I can't help thinking of the oath you took to stay together in good days and in bad, in sickness and in health.Now you are over the immediate shock and aftermath of your DH becomong disabled, I think the two of you need to have a joint look at your relationship.This wasn't your husband's fault, but it wasn't yours either. You're brave to post on here and be so honest about how you feel.You can get help with this, but I feel there are other, better sources, though the anonymity of MN must make it easier.

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I feel so guilty, because its totally not his fault... but i'd take the chance if things were different, like my husband had ever been a bad father or husband... i still love him, but to be frank sex is non-existent now and i like sex! oh i feel like shit again, i think you've got the picture, not sure what i want or need to hear, just respond if you like, cheersx Difficult.

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