Dating 101 debunking the scarcity myth

Each entry is formatted as a correction; the misconceptions themselves are implied rather than stated.

These entries are meant to be concise, but more detail can be found in the main subject articles.

So often we talk about recruiting as marketing or metaphorically compare it with dating but when I see that image of process and synchronization, I really wish our best practices lent themselves to a manufacturing metaphor.

See, manufacturing is all about operationalizing and optimizing to make a better product in the future.

From there, it drops all the way down to just 13 percent of recruiters who state that time-to-hire is most important, while 11 percent answer cost-per-hire. This is a metric we should have been focused on all along.

It’s the most rational measure of recruiting success and the importance of fast ramp times and higher performance is only compounded by an alarming trend in decreasing employee tenures.

This study examined the reality of the experience of the labor market for new college faculty, especially faculty of color, and identified common myths in the academic labor market.

An interesting read, but I don't think I made any of the errors he mentioned (not putting up current photos, listing what you hate about Internet dating, lying about your age, etc.), and by the end of my on-line dating time I still wasn't having much luck.Or, if you've been dating someone a while and are starting to think he's "the one," here's an article by Ruby Madren-Britton called "9 Signs Your Guy is a Keeper" (According to Madren-Britton, the nine signs are 1) he has his act together (i.e., not still struggling to grow up); 2) he puts you first; 3) he doesn't disappear when you're sick; 4) he asks about your family; 5) he makes time for your friends; 6) he's your biggest cheerleader; 7) he remembers the little things; 8) he's happy when you're happy; 9) he makes you feel the best you can be. It’s a far cry from many of our own models, if we’re being honest.Often times when it comes to recruiting, the over-stated, under utilized philosophy goes something like this: understanding the success of how we hire means measuring our progress every step of the way, much like an operations expert might look at a machine.

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Their most core philosophies revolve around making something work more efficiently based on measured inputs and outputs.

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