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The facebook network span across over a hundred countries of the world and still counting..the western world to the far east, down to the sub-Sahara and the an-tactic region(I hope I got that spelling)But really facebook has a wide network connecting over 50% of the entire world youth.If you are still wondering whether you can have a successful relationship through the facebook network, well the answer would be Yes!So take your time and observe, make few comments and scarcely use compliments Don't go "Gaga" we have facebook noise makers, have a voice, but a unique one. The aim of any guy dating on facebook is to possibly meet the girl in question, try some kiss and grab or probably grow the relationship, the main point is to be able to see each other, so your main objective is to present a image that is follow-able.Personally I think facebook and the likes are the biggest river anybody could do his fishing, You are stuck with many so you have to do proper targeting before shooting, and this is the best way to shoot, send a message.Next, Keep Hitting It Don't send another mail if you didn't get a reply, Like I always say, "not all would say yes." The idea is to get irresistible enough making it almost impossible for anyone to turn you down.If you've written such a mail at least 80% of all girl wouldn't fail to reply and when she does maybe with their "I don't know you...Studies done all over the world have shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and a reduced risk of heart disease. But how does simply having an animal around improve our overall health?Lowering stress levels. Many doctors attribute the health benefits of pet ownership to reduced stress levels. According to a study done in Minnesota, just having a cat in your home can reduce your chances of experiencing a stroke by almost 50%, and of suffering a fatal heart attack by 40%. Partly by lowering your blood pressure. Having a pet present reduces blood pressure spikes due to stress or tension, which in turn increases your chances of surviving a life-threatening illness. In short, having an animal around makes people happier, and happy people tend to be healthier. Having a pet --especially a dog-- really encourages you to stay active, which of course makes you healthier.

you are starting out with facebook dating, you are moving ahead, Say something like Dave here, about jumping into a train to New York, that's my state, you?If you want to be able to catch any girl on facebook and keep her, follow these styles.If you want to catch a fish in a big river, you would want to take some time to do your "observing" you don't just cast your net, you could pull out a lion, so try to learn and understand people's behavior and attitude, people say their mind on facebook, and it is often possible to understand peoples position and situation from their daily comments. Then Go For Her This is the second approach to facebook dating, after a while "Point and shoot." often we fail because we never tried or never aimed rightmake the first move, Try.!At least, not if you're under a certain age. Studies have show that children who were born into a home with a cat or a dog have lower occurrences of allergies and allergy-caused problems such as asthma. They're also far less likely to be allergic to animals later on in life. One of the most amazing things pets can do for their humans is predict and help prevent health threats. Dogs especially can predict when their person is about to experience some type of debilitating episode. Dogs have been trained to warn their owners and take them somewhere safe when they're about to have a seizure, or when a diabetic is close to a hypoglycemic episode, or even when a mentally ill person is on the edge of an episode. Studies are even being done into some dogs' ability to detect cancer in humans.Some dogs have been show to detect early skin cancers by smelling the skin, or breast and lung cancers by simply smelling the patient's breath.

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OK, you could have written a boring mail like, hello Ann, my name is Dave, I was looking around this morning when I saw your beautiful and very irresistible photos, I would love to have a chat with you but that is if you would accept me.

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