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There has been increased recognition of the need to include men in MCH programmes since the mid-1990s, given the important role men have as partners/ husbands, fathers and community members and as a way of promoting egalitarian decisions about reproductive and maternal health.(3) Chapter IV Section C of the ICPD Programme of Action calls for an understanding of the joint responsibilities of men and women so that they become equal partners in public and private lives and to encourage and enable men to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive behaviour.

Different programmes have directed efforts to harness the support and active involvement of men for improved MNH outcomes.

Exact interventions to be adapted by country programmes were to be identified through local assessment; however, the framework highlighted the need for interventions to address all four priority areas at the same time.

All six WHO Regions integrated this guidance into the regional maternal mortality reduction strategies.

Remarks were added to clarify the recommendation, and aid implementation.This recommendation was published within the 2015 WHO guideline “WHO Recommendations on Health Promotion Interventions for Maternal and Newborn Health.”(4) Methods The recommendation was developed using standardized operating procedures in accordance with the process described in the “WHO handbook for guideline development”, guided by the GRADE approach.(5) Outcomes used for this recommendation were aligned with the prioritized outcomes from the WHO recommendations on health promotion interventions for maternal and newborn health (2015).(4) A systematic review was conducted on interventions for male involvement in pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.(6) In the review, randomized controlled trials relevant to the key question were screened by review authors, and data on relevant outcomes and comparisons were extracted.Evidence profiles (in the form of GRADE tables) were prepared for comparisons of interest, including the assessment and judgments for each outcome, and the estimated risks.Our deliberate approach to evaluating need among our nationwide network of teachers enables us to distribute funds in a targeted manner, giving teachers and schools the flexibility to order exactly what they need, when they need it.Board Officers Jen Swanson, Chair Vice President, Digital Product Management Optum Consumer Experience Group Matt Johnson, Vice Chair Partner: Creative & Strategy Director Go Kart Labs Julie Krueger, Secretary Retail Industry Director Google Kurts Strelnieks, Treasurer Vice President Star Bank Board Members Douglas K.

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There are different models and rationales for seeking to involve men, including a view of men as gatekeepers and decision-makers for prompt access to MNH services both at the household and community levels; men as responsible partners of women and as an important sub-population within the community; the need to address men’s own health needs; and men’s preference to be involved as fathers/partners.

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