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Meanwhile, Damian doesn't want to end up in the bottom three and, surprise surprise, Cameron's feeling uncomfortable again.

Lindsay, though, is just ready for the competition. " It's time for the homework performance - 'Like A Virgin' - and the guest mentors this week are none other than Mark Salling and Ashley Fink (Puck and Lauren).

Anyway, Damian and Lindsay are paired - much to the annoyance of Hannah, who's moved on from "could possibly have feelings for Damian" to "It's kind of impossible not to have feelings for him". In choreography, Cameron's still wrestling with showing off his sexuality when he's got a girlfriend.

This is accompanied by a rather scary snipping motion. At the end of their shoot, Lindsay and Damian kiss - causing much jealousy from Hannah.Cameron, on the other hand, is feeling great because he stuck to his morals.Anyway, Damian is first and sings 'Danny Boy', but Ryan doesn't like it.So, with just six contenders left in the competition now that Marissa's gone (sob! When the group discovers this, there's naturally a big reaction.Hannah believes that she's like a "koala bear" and can't be sexy - and Damian is someone she could have feelings for, which makes it all a bit awkward.

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