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f you open the Linetype Manager, you will experience the same and even in case of Text Style. Named object definitions are added to the current drawing with a prefix of .I was thinking of something along the lines of an xref but that's not giving me the actual layers with file names.Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Attila is the author of numerous professional articles, and has been publishing on his own Hungarian blog for many years.He is member and vice president of the Association of Hungarian Architecture Desktop Users. This abundant professional experience of more than 20 years lead him to write the book "My First Project", presenting the use of Auto CAD Architecture software and operating system via actual, real-life situations.Thanks, Cindy Walker Sorry, I'm not sure what you are trying to do here.

The layered map works by setting MAP-ND-TR to ‘TRUE’ to make columns (i.e. Data is then imported layer by layer, selectively filling only columns that are relevant to that layer. Things to bear in mind at the data importing stage Conclusion Hopefully after a couple of runs at this set of methods, you will be able to create multi-layered maps without significant difficulties.

Explore interactive maps: World's top universities | Most liveable cities | Football rankings | more This article describes how to merge multiple Shapefiles using the free Quantum GIS software.

It also describes how to create an interactive layered map using Stat Planet.

It is achieved by setting the variable ‘MAP-ND-TR’ to ‘TRUE’, found in the ‘Settings’ worksheet of the Stat Planet Data Editor. This means that when all objects from all relevant layers are merged into a single Shapefile, Stat Planet can be made to display information for selected objects simply by not putting any data in the columns that relate to other layers.

Data is then imported layer by layer, selectively filling only columns (i.e. Tools & knowledge required The merged Shapefile will have merged all the attributes of your individual layers but you will need to tidy it up.

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He has been working with Auto CAD and its architectural version since 1991.

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