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This is not to say that physical attraction is the most important aspect to be considered when looking for a husband or wife.

At the same time, arranged marriages—including those in which the couple do not even see each other until the wedding—were the norm in centuries past and are still practiced today in parts of the world.

“Sometimes, if our list of check boxes is too extensive, we might jump to an assumption and make a decision prematurely,” Americo told her, adding that by ruling out potential suitors who aren’t your preferred physical type, “you might miss out on somebody beautiful because you don’t see them that way, at first.” This was an earth-shattering paradigm shift for Spenceley, who said Americo’s words of wisdom "actually gave me heart palpitations." "This is gold," Spenceley wrote.

"This is vital information we must know if we’re single.

Two people having the same purpose in life—to glorify God in all they do—will find that their physical attraction to one another increases daily and lasts for a lifetime.

Does God have one specific person for you to marry?

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