Christian dating a muslim girl

A lot of the women said the issue came down to men not meeting them at their level.

But Muslim men also face challenges in finding someone to spend their lives with.

But when you add religion to the mix – particularly if you are trying to find someone on the same religious level as you – the pool becomes smaller.

Recently, we wrote about why Muslim women find it difficult to find a partner.

At a certain age (over 30) it becomes easier for men to find partners than it is for women.

Muslim dating apps are shit and the time it takes to communicate with someone is a turn off.

Because it’s a Muslim dating app, you feel like you are stepping on eggshells when it comes to flirting.

This doesn’t seem unique to Muslim or South Asian culture.

I assume it’s because women tend to want to settle down at an earlier age as being single after a certain age is still somewhat frowned upon.

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Also, women from a Muslim background have culturally been financially dependent on men.

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