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We have a thorough guide that explains everything you need to know about getting a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate, among others.

Have a look at our TEFL Directory Thanks to the help and hard work of my recruiter at Reach To Teach, my journey to China was such a smooth and nearly stress free process.

In view of this scenario, we invite the ELT community (pre and in-service teachers of English as well as academics) to share their voices and be part of this important discussion.

OBJECTIVES Each speaker and attendant will have the opportunity to be part of thematic panels covering different areas of interest.

In fact, for informal gatherings such as a dinner or a party, the host will likely expect guests to arrive late. A person is often placed within a social hierarchy based on how they dress, so presenting yourself appropriately is important.

Avoid wearing any revealing clothing, such as sleeveless tops, short skirts/shorts, or low-cut tops.

Things to Know: Chilean culture tends to be more openly affectionate than what you might be used to.

During conversations and when greeting one another, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or an enthusiastic pat on the back are all commonplace.

If you don't have a TEFL certificate yet, don't worry!Whether you are looking for a gap-year experience or a career in TESOL, ITTT has the course that is right for you.Reach to Teach teachers get 10% OFF on all ITTT courses.A firm handshake and direct eye contact is the norm for greetings.It is common for close friends to hug and pat each other on the back.

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