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Words like, “daily” have potential to boost open rates of messages.It also helps to have more personalized copy as opposed to a default opening.You have to be your best self, or you won’t get another chance.How can you be playful, witty, flirty and charming – in only 1 or 2 sentences?Flirting with your crush over text can be fun, easy and fail-proof, if you follow a few simple “rules” you’ll see below,(Plus you’ll get 27 flirty text messages examples, to help you get started)Ready? About things that you talked about or laughed about in person.When you strike up a conversation, try to use his name occasionally. This will get him subconsciously engaged in the conversation and make him feel closer to you.When a guy sees a message from you and smiles (or even better – laughs out loud) – he is halfway in love with you. You can (gently) make fun of your crush, we all like a good tease, as long as you make sure he understands you’re not serious. You can laugh about his fear of germs or about him too tight with his guitar.Start with a short funny statement about something you both saw or talked about recently. Send a wink face emoticon to show that you’re just teasing. Compliment him on his looks, his personality, his athletic abilities, or what he’s worn earlier. Men love to be adored and admired by women, so heap on the praise!

It feels like your entire existence is being judged by what and how you text.

For example, calling someone by their name can be very beneficial.

About 74 percent of marketers state how personalizing the email increases engagement.

And they’re always better, btw, than another “lol” or “haha”. 😍Playing truth or dare through text is one of the BEST ways to flirt with a guy. This will put you in front of millions of single guys, no matter if you’re just looking to talk to someone or find a serious relationship.

Truth questions are also a great way to start a conversation with a guy – a conversation that would likely continue over your next (or first) date. has one of the highest success rates of any dating site.👉 Flirty texts reveal your personality.

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