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Buying online before you leave home You can buy an outdoors card or your licence tag immediately online and print it on your own printer. 129 The Ontario Information and Welcome Center which faces you directly after you leave the Canadian Customs checkpoint.

You must have a printer attached to your computer (either black and white or in color). Young's General Store is on the right side of the road as you enter Wawa.

No one in Chapleau will issue licences on a Saturday or Sunday. A complete and valid licence to fish consists of an Outdoors Card accompanied by a valid licence tag. The fishing licence tag is carried either as a document separate from the Outdoors Card or printed on the back of the card. Marie, ON P6A 3T3, Canada Website (705) 946-3737 Tunnel Lake Trading Post and Motel.

You may choose one of the options described on this page to obtain your first Outdoors Card and fishing licence tag.

is the first and the biggest Canadian dating website.

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