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The American men I've dated were (coincidentally) all from DC.And overall, I found them swaggering, careerist, and utterly terrified of commitment.

However, it's made me think about the differences between us and our pals across the pond.Too many men in New York live in perpetual university mode.I find that the frat boy mentality has generally subsided in Londoners.So I’m here to tell you: Relax, you’re doing great. He asked me out for our second date a day after we met. In London, I happily haven’t come across an adherence to arbitrary dating rules many New Yorkers follow. You’re curious I’ve found Brits to be more engaged in the world and eager to learn more. ‘Brits either inherently have more to talk about, or are less afraid to bring up interesting topics,’ she says.‘I think there’s more diversity surrounding people here in general, so the drive to conform and not be perceived as weird seems less intense.’ 3.

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