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Not in the mood to mess around with dead-end dates?

It’s important that you first get really clear about what you want, Virginia says.

Past relationships and tons of not-so-good dates can provide lots of intel about what you want in a partner. Yes, obviously you want to be attracted to the person, but at the end of the day, what really matters are those inner attributes and core values.

Once you get clarity around your desires, which may require some self-reflection and sitting down with pen and paper, then start focusing on them.

There is a temptation to create or communicate a [version of] you that, like an Instagram post, will garner the most likes.

Do not contort yourself to fit what you presume others desire. Use Tinder to communicate what you actually desire, so you can find someone you truly like.”“We know it sounds counterintuitive, but you read this right.

Plus, you have lots of wisdom and life experience under your belt, which means you know exactly what you want and don’t want in life and in a partner.

(Well, mostly.) To help you navigate the dating scene in your 30s, we enlisted the help of two dating pros—Julie Spira, online dating expert and digital matchmaker, and offline dating coach Camille Virginia of Master Offline Dating—with different perspectives on playing the field.

To avoid wasting your time and getting emotionally attached to someone who will never be The One, Spira recommends sharing your intentions right from the beginning.

getting clear on what you want, doing the inner work, putting yourself out there, meeting new people, etc.), you’re good. “We’re meant to be around each other, get energy from each other, interact, have eye contact, and have in-person conversations.

“Wait for the right opportunity and trust that it will show up when it’s meant to,” she says. That’s how we functioned for hundreds and thousands of years.” Somewhere down the line, though, mostly thanks to technology, things changed. So working on leveling up your body language and conversation skills just be the missing piece that will help you attract your soulmate (if you believe in that sort of thing).

“Our intuition is always guiding us, but in our 20s, we’re not necessarily as ready to hear it,” Virginia says.

You might have tried really hard to make it work with someone you knew wasn’t good for you or you ignored a ton of red flags.

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“We attract the things that we think about, so you don’t want to stay in the I-don’t-like-people-who-lie mindset,” Virginia says.

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