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When you’re thinking about whether and how to be more honest, consider two things: what you’re comfortable with sharing, and your relationship with the other person.Ideally, what you say should match the level of intimacy you currently have.Bob—the office glad-hander who is never not chipper to the point of being annoying (and who introduced Pete’s mother to her now-suspect cruise companion)—brightly asks, “How are you?” Pete looks at him, astonished, and says, “NOT GREAT, BOB.”I have thought about this moment a not good.

If you’re thinking that being more open would make you feel better but simply have no idea how to respond to “How are you?Positivity, because it’s a baseline requirement, forms the base of the triangle.But in this usage, positivity is not about being intractably upbeat.If you struggle with receiving care, consider that when you let people show up for you it's good for you, but it’s good for them too, and in turn could be great for your friendship.As friendship expert Shasta Nelson writes in her excellent book , “There are downsides to pretending we don’t have needs: It denies that we’re human, and it robs our friends of the joy of giving. I ask people how they are doing every day, and even if I’m saying it out of habit sometimes, I still want to know.

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In fact, they might even feel that someone is giving them permission to be similarly honest when they need to be.

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