Bae doona and jim sturgess dating

Hollywood Life in particular noted that “Jim and Kristen have major chemistry, they really seem to click.

They were talking up a storm about England and how bad the weather is there. Jim is a really talented musician, so they connected on that a lot too.” The problem with the story is that Mickey O’Brien is still cited as Jim’s girlfriend when in fact, Jim’s new girlfriend is actually Bae Doona, with whom he co-starred in junket too.

In addition, Bae Doo-na also does three hours of stunt rehearsals with the stunt team when filming cast member, Miguel Angel Silvestre: “She is one of my favorites.

When I see how subtle and sophisticated Doo-na is and how she tries to reveal nothing, nothing, nothing and suddenly puff, she breaks your heart”.

Sturgess has been in a number of relationships, however, he has never made any of the ladies his wife, thus, Sturgess has never been married.

Might have to put him back on the Five List for not being “white only”. Korean actress Bae Doo-na, 34, has finally admitted to being in a romantic relationship with English actor Jim Sturgess.They first met during the filming of “Cloud Atlas” in 2012 and have often been seen together in Seoul and Hollywood since, but Bae’s agency has repeatedly denied the notion.Their relationship had begun even before Jim gained fame.The two had met during a period when their respective bands were sharing the same rehearsal venue in North London.

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