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NET 2.0 with the new compilation and deployment features.

They completely overhauled the way that page compilation works in the new version without breaking the way that original compilation worked in ASP. The motivation behind these changes in the model was to make it easier to use ASP. In Visual Studio 2003, creating a new project-or even worse trying to open an existing project moved from another machine-was a fairly involved process that required creating a virtual directory, ensuring that Front Page extensions were installed, and making sure that the project file was configured correctly to point at the virtual directory before you could even start to look at the project.

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Between windsurf sessions and spikey haired adventures, Rick has been a software developer for over 25 years, developing business and Web applications since the very early days of the Web when you needed a hand crank (or a pair of wire splicers) to get online.

Figure 1: Opening and creating projects is much easier in Visual Studio 2005 simply by selecting a directory in the file system.

Once opened the directory acts as the project, providing the file content for the project-there’s no explicit project file in Web projects.

As shown in Figure 1, to open an existing Web Project you can simply point at a directory in the file system and open it as a Web site.

The file system project is the easiest and most common way to open a project.

Add to that the new built-in Web server that ships with Visual Studio and you can have a new or existing Web application up and running instantly without having to configure anything. NET less daunting when creating a new application or running an existing one. NET 1.1 Code Behind model, which was purely based on simple inheritance, this new model uses run-time control and event generation, partial classes, inferred referencing of assemblies, delayed run-time compilation, and single-page assembly compilation along with a lot of help from the ASP. There is a lot of magic that happens inside the ASP.

Other than that there is not a big difference from a file-based project.

An FTP site opens a remote site through an FTP connection and it uses FTP to figure out the project structure in much the same way as a file-based project does, so everything is pulled into the project.

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