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One must accept the fact that we would be fortunate indeed if forty percent of the Gospels are unadulterated text.

They have been filled with addendums and additions, edited to the point of totally corrupting the original documents, coupled with clerical mistakes and improper translations throughout.

Many say that he had entered the Holy City with the entourage of royalty, and permitted himself to be anointed as king before he was ready to seize the throne. Before we face the gauntlet there are certain facts that must be understood.

To go forward in ignorance would be as bad as continuing within the frivolous traditions of man without questioning their authority and purpose.

Two thousand years later, mankind is still expectant.

Just as Israel hopes for its long awaited Messiah, the return of the great king and Israel’s vaunted power and glory, the ‘church’ waits for the Parousia with bated breath.

Deeper research into the herbal solutions and drugs that were used during and after the crucifixion, a period of three to three and a half hours, is demanded.

No God-fearing, honest student will ever accept this dogmatic attitude or its insinuations.We must scrutinize Jesus’ treatment by Pilate and by the Italian Cohort, and the very possible intervention of Roman soldiers during his term on the cross.References to the time of day are extremely important, and the conditions surrounding the area become tantamount to ascertaining the correctness of ancient biblical scribes.It must be remembered that it was not the Apostles who began the ‘mystery’ of a human sacrifice whose shed blood was a washing of regeneration for the forgiveness of man’s sins.It was not the chosen twelve of Jesus who made him a ‘sin-eater’, or a ‘scapegoat’, nor his death the center of Christian doctrine.

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