Accommodating workers

To avoid further litigation, though denying any wrongdoing, the hospital agreed to settle with the EEOC prior to trial.

The hospital agreed to pay ,000 in compensatory damages to the worker and take a multitude of non-monetary actions.

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Recent actions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) emphasize employers’ obligations under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to accommodate workers’ religious objections to receiving a flu vaccination.

So what are effective accommodations for individuals with mental health conditions?

That is a question that requires a dialogue between the individual and the employer.

The EEOC investigated the charge and, after a failed conciliation between the parties, sued the hospital on behalf of the worker.Someone who has a learning disability has difficulty in perceiving, understanding, and using information from the environment.This disability can cause problems in reading, listening, speaking, writing, spelling, or performing mathematics.The worker filed a charge with the EEOC, alleging religious discrimination in violation of Title VII.Specifically, he claimed the hospital failed to accommodate his sincerely held religious beliefs by refusing to permit him to wear a protective mask in lieu of receiving a flu shot.

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